Staff and volunteers

Music Port is a nonprofit organization funded by donations and volunteer work of those who believe in the power of music.
Music is a universal language of mankind. It is a great uniter. 
It has incredible force. Something that people who differ on everything and anything else can have in common.
It is magic, harmony, ecstasy and refuge. Music should be made known, spread abroad, communicated, should be free, open and shared. “We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams” (Arthur O’Shaughnessy) 

Talya G.A Solan

Founder. Producer. Singer-songwriter

Talya G.A Solan is an independent Israeli musician, songwriter, producer and developer of musical projects.  
Talya graduated magna cum laude from the faculty of arts in Tel Aviv University. Her professional work over the years has focused on two parallel tracks:

– music writing & performing

Productionresearch  and  editing for media and stage productions.

Thanks to her talent and diligence G.A Solan grew out internationally active as a musician and as a most sought after TV and stage productions’ researcher.

She is a content provider to exclusive productions (Israel’s presidential conferences, Gensis prize award ceremonies) and various prime events. For more than a decade she served as a researcher, editorial  board member, director assistant, for leading TV shows and culture programs at various channels of Israeli  TV
(Channel 2, Channel 8, HOT , channel 10, educational TV, etc). 

As part of her music work she has founded Yamma ensemble, most viewed Hebrew music group on YouTube among foreign audiences.
she released six albums with various music groups (Yamma, Kedem Ensemble, Israeli Ethnic Ensemble) and frequently
initiates and produces various international collaborations.

Pavel Levin

Board Member, Second violin, Chamber Orchestra Netanya

Pavel  Levin – violin,viola, composer.
Born in Kazan, Russia. Immigrated to Israel in 1995. Pavel has been qualified for music since childhood.
He gained his classic education at the Kazan academy for music in Russia.  For the last 8 years Pavel has been playing at Netanya Chamber Kibbutz Orchestra as a second violin player and an assistant of concertmaster. He permanently participates in solo and chamber concerts all over Israel and around the world.
Pavel plays as well with various music groups in the genres of Gypsy, jazz, ethnic, and Klezmer. He’s a devoted activist for the well being of animals around Israel.

Ronen Peled Hadad

Artistic Consultant

A creator, producer and director with more than 25 years of experience; one of the leaders of the revolution in the field of events and ceremonies in Israel.
One of the leading strategic consultants and creative directors in his field.
Ronen’s style of creation and directing is characterized by a unique and imaginative combination of various and multidisciplinary media: extraordinary blends of music, dance, plastic art, technologies, video, design and animation.

Over the years, Ronen has created, produced and directed hundreds of multimedia shows, video displays, complex television broadcasts, stage shows, ceremonies and state-of-the-art events for Israel’s largest commercial and public companies.
In 2013, he founded aranen, which is his home base for creations, and which reflects his personal sense of purpose.

Amitai Mann

clarinet & sax player, manager of special projects & Jerusalem region

Amitai is a composer, woodwind musician, and producer. With performances at international festivals as both a soloist and band member, he nurtures an independent solo career while collaborating with artists on diverse projects. Amitai’s dedication extends beyond the stage, as he actively supports the rights of independent musicians in Israel and leads the Jerusalem musicians’ community through AMMI. He holds a master’s degree in music and is a distinguished graduate of the Faculty of Performing Arts at the Jerusalem Academy of Music.

Daniella Bronstein

Trade fairs team

Daniella (Danielle) Bronstein

Social entrepreneur, professional group facilitator, and coordinator for Jaffa-Tel Aviv municipality’s mixed-city community dialogue program and Community Mediation and Dialogue Center (under construction). 

Amateur singer and musician. Former journalist and editor at Israel Hayom and cultural affairs reporter for Yedioth Tel Aviv–Jaffa, as well as several online magazines. M.A. in Sociology and Anthropology from Tel Aviv University

Noy Bieber

Advocate, legal advisor, dance artist

Attorney Noy Bieber graduated magna cum laude from the College of Management, in Law (LL.B.) and Communication (B.A.)
She is a member of the Bar Association since 2010.

Karni Ravid

Board Member, former cellist

Karni is a former musician with a heavy musical background. 
She plays for herself from time to time and helps out by volunteering at Music Port.