promoting Jewish music & culture

We have learned from network and the online audience about the huge thirst to updated, attractive, fresh,  stimulating Jewish music.

We create, produce, record, film as much content as we can. from various Jewish diasporas, cultures and communities. 


Music Port shows the beauty of Jewish pluralism, the richness of the various movements and cultures. 
We help music groups to get respectable exposure, to record, perform concerts, conduct workshops, travel and spread  the music of diverse Jewish diasporas and communities that are part of Israel’s identity.

A song for Passover, a song for shabbat, Psalm 63,
these are few of musical videos and recoding produced by Music Port and performed by professional musicians in the frame of 12 Tribes Music

Zohar Fresco – The revival of tof miriam 

 As one of the most appreciated 
world’s masters 
for frame drum, Zohar Fresco revived the oldest Jewish drum, tof miriam.

this ancient frame drum originated in the Middle East more than three thousand years ago. Zohar conducts workshops, performs internationally and dedicates his life to the frame drum research. 

The amazing story of Rabbi Eyal Said Mani

Eyal Said Mani was born in Tehran to a Muslim Sufi family. At the age of sixteen his mother revealed to him that she was Jewish while they were traveling to the Holy Land. Eyal decided to stay in Israel by himself and began exploring his Jewish origins and reconnecting to Judaism.

He turned to embrace orothox Judaism and attended Yeshiva where he studies until this day. He established Mekhilta ensembleone of the most moving secular & orthodox Jewish musical collaborations. in 2015 he was awarded an Ofir award (the Israeli ‘Oscar’ award) for writing the score of the film Baba Joon.

Yamma Ensemble. Most viewed Jewish chant

A Babylonian Jewish chant has revived and turned out to be a Youtube hit (over 8M views) thanks to Yamma ensemble from Israel. Their outstanding performance to the forgotten Jewish Babylonian version of Psalms 104, became the most viewed video of a live performance of a Jewish traditional chant.

This is just a single case out of numerous songs, chants and tunes that must be heard, spread and shared internationally.
Providing digital tools, platforms and support for groups that perform and record Jewish music is highly necessary.

By recording ancient Jewish chants that were almost forgotten, researching the old biblical Jewish instruments & texts and bringing them on stage, preserving old Jewish languages and traditions and  having these treasures online, accessible to all people, and listeners. Millions of views, thousands of comments from around the  world, discussions and conversations by listeners who are Muslims, Christians and Jews and countless touching thankful words prove how much this work of art is needed.