Musicians share love

Music Port encourages musicians to get involved in community work and share their music with people who otherwise cannot afford the experience of a live music. 
Through workshops, personal musical classes, intimate concerts musicians share a few moments of joy and happiness among vulnerable people.  supported musicians are required to make a small gesture to the community.
In most cases, the small gesture grows beyond and the musicians are happy to give while being accepted with love.

strings player, Itai Armon at Hadasa

Imagine a little boy in isolation in the oncology department, Three weeks in a small room with his parents only. Weeks of worry, difficulty, lack of sleep, pains. 
One day four angels unexpectedly enter the room and play few minutes of pleasant live music.  The musicians give some light and mental encouragement in this depressing situation. Itai Armon played with his band at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital. The musicians came to volunteer for an hour and could not leave. four hours of playing around the hospital:  in the children department, in the children emergency room, in children oncology department, and in intensive care department.

wind instruments player, Yonnie Dror
at refugees kindergarten 

In his daily routine Yonnie Dror plays with top leading Israeli stars: Rita, Dudu Tessa, Idan Amedi, Amir Benyon and many others. 
Yonnie Dror, an active wind instrument player specializes in eastern and western styles and various wind instruments from around the world.  He is involved in many collaborations in Israel and abroad. He conducts woodwind workshops, among organizations and
institutions but the audience at a workshop he volunteered at a kindergarten for refugee children and foreign workers left a particularly strong impression on him.

percussion master, Zohar Fresco
with elderly women

Miriam Sofi, a bereaved elderly mother who regularly attends the Beit Amiaz Elderly Center. What is her chance to enjoy live music performed by one of the greatest percussion players in the world?  Zohar Fresco, most acclaimed hand percussionists in the world, performs frequently at important festivals on prestigious stages, also the promoter of Music Port’s project: musicians in the community, conducted a special workshop at a senior house.


Multi instrumentalist Hadar Maoz
honors senior citizens

How can an average senior house with no budget  possibilities for culture to afford a performance of an international professional musician?  Hadar Maoz is a talented musician, who plays various instruments and specializes in Persian Bukharan music. she admires the generation of the founders of the Israel state. after getting support to her music, she asked to volunteer specifically among this kind of people. Hadar lifts up the energy of a day center for elderly people.

body percussion for children with
percussionist Noa Vax

Noa Wax, a percussionist and active musician who specializes in workshops of body percussion, training for gardeners and music education. Noa Vax took a morning to enjoy and have fun with the kids who were experiencing a body percussion workshop for the first time. Gafni Kindergarten for refugees and foreign workers.

Eran Zamir with challenged youth

Eran Zamir, oud player and guitar, composer, creative musicians, He has been a volunteer at the Shlabim Jewish-Arab School in Jaffa for a long time.  Shlabim is a school for students who have dropped out of any other schools and educational organizations. Children with severe learning disabilities. Eran Zamir enjoys meeting them.


Music is a powerful tool.

it can improve our emotional state and uplift our spirit. 
Sometimes life bring difficult moments, sometimes circumstances are not easy, the days go by with painful challenges. 
The music in these moments can reduce anxiety, stress and agitation.

The therapeutic use of music has been shown to be effective in reducing depression. 
Music provides distraction from aches and illness. Music encourages us to move and be active. Music brings people together, creates a feeling of connection and togetherness.

Supporting independent musicians, their activities, their desire to expose and bring out their music creates a circle of giving. The support is double. once the music comes out, the musicians are grateful and are happy to give back.