Netzach project

Netzach (Eternity) Project was founded by independent musicians who lost their friends in the terrible massacre
on October 7th. Thousands of visitors attended the Nova music festival that was held near kibbutz Reim on
October 6th & 7th.  H
undreds of the festival attendees, mainly young people in their 20s and 30s were brutally
murdered and hundreds more were severely injured both physically and mentally.

The festival hosted many artists, sound professionals, music and nature lovers, and 
musicians from a wide spectrum
of musical genres: jazz, classical, techno, pop, rock, etc. 
When the news of the tragedy began to become known to the public, countless faces and names of artists, creators, musicians were discovered among the dead.  
The Music Port team is focusing on a research project, collecting names, audio files, texts, 
vocal performances / instruments, works published or not yet published by the murdered. 
Works by the injured victims and artists who survived the horrors will also be considered.

So far, dozens of works by musicians at different stages of their lives and of their artistic expression have been collected.
The publication of the collected works by these musicians and artists will be possible only if enough funds are raised. 
The process of publishing and working on the raw artistic material requires a large amount of resources: 
research, studio hours, production, musicians, mixing, mastering, graphics, video, animation, distribution on digital platforms, and more.

Netzach Project is also providing work and support to many dozens of Israeli musicians, sound professionals, technical editors, and employees in the music industry who suffered significant financial difficulties due to the horrible situation.  Their work in the months of October and November 2023 was put on hold indefinitely, and despite this the musicians went out, volunteered, performed and played live music in front of people in need, evacuees, wounded, hospitalized, IDF bases, and wherever they were needed. They fully worked without any compensation and in many cases with many expenses (which were not covered by anyone). Hundreds of musicians came out to play, to create sounds of connection and of partnership, and to connect people to something deeper during this tragic time in Israel.


All donations will be directed to the production, mixing, mastering and publication
of the works of the victims of October 7th