12 Tribes music

A digital platform that aims to present musical treasures  from Israel, to expose the beauty of Israeli music and its

historical connection to Eretz Israel, to create collaborations and dialogue with music lovers from all over the world

through authentic creative work of art. 

Music from Israel carries a historical narrative of diversity, unique compositions, tribal origins and cultural richness.

Music lovers, researchers of culture and history and curious listeners from all over the world find this music valuable,

deep and spiritual.


The amazing narrative of music from Israel is woven into the story of a people who lived two thousand years in exile,

wandering in foreign lands and returning to their homeland in modern times after centuries of life in scattered

communities throughout Asia, Africa and Europe.


From two thousand years of culture, creation, music and singing as they thrived in communities living in eastern

and western regions among different peoples and foreign countries they called home.

Musicians created secular music and sacred music that expressed their origins, their heritage and a deep longing for unification, for home, for returning the Land of Zion, to Jerusalem. On the other hand they created music that blended into secular life and expressed dialogue and collaboration with local musicians who had different religions and beliefs.


The desire to integrate and the adoption of musical cultures of the peoples with whom the Jewish communities

lived led to the preservation of ancient cultures. Jewish artists preserved unique patterns, rhythms, language

and musical characteristics. 


This is how unique music was created from ancient and renewed Jewish Hebrew culture.

As the state of Israel was established and the people returned to their land, the musical cultural shatnez continued

to live and is preserved. It has even served as a research tool for historians and cultural scholars to examine the

glorious spiritual life in the past, the interactions between Jews and other nations and the nature of life in the various

communities in which Jews have historically lived.