12 music groups @ womex 2022

Music Port in collaboration with Maqamat, school of eastern music,  will present at the worldwide music expo 2022
a colorful and refreshing selection of twelve groups from the Israeli vibrant world music scene. 

main supporter of Israeli booth at WOMEX 2022

Ofer Mizrahi Trio 

The trio explores a musical expression where Western, Turkish, Indian and Jazz music enter into a dialogue, and where the beauty of ethnic melodies is celebrated
in a spontaneous and sensual vocabulary.

Itzhak Ventura

Itzhak ventura’s original music is a combination of ney styles with contemporary sounds and production, with deep emotions and exquisite musicianship representing the culmination of years
of dedication and sacrifice to attain mastery of a musician’s chosen instrument.


DARYA is a Tel Aviv-based musician performing traditional and original Andalusian music with a classical jazzy twist

Yamma Ensemble

World’s leading music group of Hebrew & Jewish music.

Middle Eastern. Mediterranean. Traditional. Original. Ancient
Contemporary. Global. Local

Shishco Disco

Shishko Disco by Mosh Zehavi.
 Multicultural collective of international musicians playing fusion of Arab prog-rock, mesmerizing jazz harmonies, wild grooves and lyrical cinematic environments.

Faran Ensemble

A trio of oud, kamancha and percussion. pure instrumental emotional journey,  original compositions that echo the vast east.

Gute Gute

Gute Gute’s highly-developed sound, mixing deep ethnic rhythms,
engaging melodies, punk-rock energy and modern electronic effects, creates an ecstatic concert experience appealing to larger udiences and festival crowds.

Nadav Dagon

Nadav Dagon is a producer and musician who performs a hypnotizing  360 LIVE solo show full of drums, percussions and various electronic instruments that create a ceremonial journey of live tribal music..

Taranta Groove Machine

Is this a multi-cultural dance floor? – Hell, Yeah! 
Tarante Groove Machine is a true musical movement with a colorful lineup and an unforgettable style.

Diwan Saz

Diwan Saz ensemble collects the sparks of traditional music from the past and transcribes it into sacred contemporary music.

rated in a spontaneous and sensual vocabulary.

Anna RF

Anna RF is an electro ethnic band who creates music that combines ancient and modern instruments with a live electronic beat.
The show is known for its ecstatic dance floor full of rhythm and freedom.

Liron Meyuhas

Traditional & Original music arranged for  world  percussion and traditional melodies combined with a deep connection to the Elements – Water / Fire / Wind / Earth.