supporting presentation of israeli music

International trade fairs act as hubs of the music industry, connecting talent agencies and event producers with worldwide artists. Although the Israeli music scene is fascinating, rich and interesting, an official  representation at exposure fairs has not been carried out by any institution or organization. 
Musicians from Israel deserve representation and exposure. They have so much beauty to bring out there.
Our goal is to expose the Israeli culture to as many people as possible, create demand for Israeli culture, and position Israel as an international cultural hub. 

Lisbon, Portugal
The Israeli booth at WOMEX 2022
Helsinki, Finland
Israeli booth at WOMEX 2019
Katowice, Poland
The Israeli booth at WOMEX 2017
Santiago de Compostela, Spain
The Israeli booth and WOMEX 2016

Why to do that?

Having presentation at international trade fairs is crucially important. Trade fairs and expo events are attended by festival directors, program managers, booking agents, artistic directors, media professionals, bloggers, music journalists, representatives of municipalities and governmental cultural export organizations, musicians and music lovers from all over the world.
At expo events connections are built, concerts and tours and booked and a network for international 
activities is created.  Most countries in the world proudly set up a pavilion for their musicians.

Israeli pavilion at WOMEX 2017

Since 2015 an Israeli pavilion was part of the international exposure scene. Israeli music was presented at Womex,  Jazzahead, Arts Midwest, Babel Med, Fira Mediterranean, Mundial Montreal in Spain, Finland, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, USA, France, Canada

Israeli pavilion at Jazzahead 2017

Previous success

 We have successfully representing Israel in music trade shows since 2015, developed relationships with the music industry and promoted Israeli musicians. In exposing music from Israel, we target the world’s most important trade fairs, creating an impressive Israeli pavilion that expose Israeli musicians to the international music scene.


Benefits of trade fair presentation

  • Music industry leaders of all nations come to enjoy Israeli and Jewish music, many of them for the first time
  • The visitors to the Israel / Jewish Pavilion get to see a different side of Israel
  • We create demand for Israeli and Jewish music
  • We develop relationships with event producers, and promote local artists. We help them sign contracts with producers and create financial sustainability.
  • All artists participating in Music Expos give back to the community by performing live in charity events or in hospitals and community centers in Israel.