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Independent Israeli musicians

sharing culture throug music

Music Port  is a non-profit organization helping  independent musicians based in Israel to increase their exposure, to perform and share their music with wider audiences.

Internationally, Music Port  provides exposure, travel grants, cooperation opportunities, information and contacts. allowing outstanding musicians to expand their outreach.

Locally, Music Port is involved in community work as musicians perform for  vulnerable communities  and train young underprivileged musicians.

The Israeli independent music scene inspired by a wealth of ancient traditions and modern approaches, independent musicians based in Israel represent one of the world’s most dynamic and interesting musical scene. 
Music Port members are groups and individual musicians representing a range of traditions and styles.

Our mission 

  • To help musicians who record, perform and publish non commercial musical content in Israel and abroad.
  • To produce and create traditional music, Hebrew music in the digital space as well on stages in and out Israel.
  • To explore and preserve various Jewish music traditions and make them accessible  for generations to come
  • To represent Israeli based musicians at international trade fairs, expo events and conferences.
  • To share information, work in collaboration, and create a support network for the independent Israeli musicians who work without the support of an umbrella organization (orchestra, academic institution, etc.). 
  • To mobilize and increase the allocation of resources for original Israeli musical work. 
  • To encourage and maintain collaborations, connections, and creative meetings between musicians who differ from each other in their culture, style, age and the musical background from which they grew.
  • To create new musical meetings and enrich the colors of Israeli creativity. 
  • To initiate, organize and produce musical activities among vulnerable communities who do not have access to live music. 
  • To encourage the activity of musicians in the community and to foster mutual guarantee and volunteerism among needy populations.
  • To establish and strengthen the interaction between the business sector and musicians, to motivate it to support home-made art and music

Opening new markets. reaching new audiences

Music is an international language, a powerful tool to express creativity and build valuable cultural bridges.
Yet, independent musicians in Israel too often can not take part in this process.
Israel’s unique, original and vibrant music scene is today stifled by political and  economic constraints. 
Lack of funding as well as ideological siding are making it impossible for Israeli independent musicians to reach out,
share their music and take part in projects. As a consequence a wealth of traditions, styles and creativity is going wasted.
To have a chance to play and contribute their views, independent musicians often need to emigrate.
Music Port believes that mobility is essential to musicians, maximizing their chances of being selected to perform in festivals and cultural events all over the world. This, in turn, extends international partnerships and encourages cultural exchange and dialogue. Music is the language all people understand; it has the power to unite and promote peace.